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December 09, 2011, Friday
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Tunes and songs of Chechnya

Hava Tashayeva:

-A letter
-Dark eyes
-Don’t laugh, oh, Stars
-When I was 18
-What was I guilty of

Bilokhazh Didigov:

-I Wish I Let You Know
How Much I Love You
-A Song About an Old Woman
-My Time

-Listen, people
-Why do we get old so fast
-1 can't live without you
-My friend
-I'm restless
-Come down to Avtury
-Song about my forefathers
-It wasn't you I was looking for
-Let's fight on my friends
-Come to our wedding!

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News update
07/13/2011 17.00 p.m. UTC Completion of several social projects timed to the 60th birthday anniversary of Akhmat Kadyrov
07/13/2011 15.00 p.m. UTC Two policemen wounded in attack in Russia's Ingushetia
07/13/2011 12.00 a.m. UTC Presidential council is for Caucasus ex militants’ social adaptation
07/12/2011 18.00 p.m. UTC Russia opens cases against ship captains that passed by sinking Bulgaria
07/12/2011 13.00 p.m. UTC RF should prioritize corruption fight to combat Caucasus terrorism
Chechen diary

11.07.2011 The central avenue of Grozny has surprises up its sleeve

09.07.2011 Special commission to watch pre-school education in Chechnya

08.07.2011 Rosneft to give Chechnya 800mln roubles for geological prospecting

07.07.2011 Chechen delegation to attend Sochi investment forum

06.07.2011 Tuva and Chechen Republic to exchange culture festivals

05.07.2011 Chechnya at Mashuk 2011 forum

04.07.2011 Famous Chechen writer to release new book

01.07.2011 Beeline expands 3G network in Chechnya

29.06.2011 Gudermes newspaper turns 70

28.06.2011 Oldest high-mountain mosque restored in Chechnya

28.06.2011 Suvorov military college in Grozny releases its first batch of graduates

27.06.2011 Village of Ushkaloi gasified

27.06.2011 Chechen university’s historical faculty introduces new specialty
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